Where is Obama’s “Man on the Moon in Ten Years?”

In 1962 President John F. Kennedy gave a speech declaring “We choose to go to the Moon” affirming that Man will be on the moon before the end of the 1960’s.

This was a bold projection and a challenging goal. It galvanized scientists, with public support, into action.

Our country, and the world at large would be well served if President Obama were to make a BIG, VISIONARY, BOLD Projection and Goal for America.

Restoring business and culture as usual will not work. It is not only not visionary, it is not doable or sustainable globally.

America needs a Bold 10 year goal, not just to forestall global warming, but to thrust us into a mindspace propelling us toward a GREEN and SUSTAINABLE Future, for the wellbeing of all Americans, all parties, all classes, all humans on Earth, all creatures, and Earth itself.

A powerful vision will help citizens reverse and help Earth recover from the massive damage we’ve done out of ignorance and hubris. A powerful vision will reframe our relationship with Earth from dominance over all to a more humble realization that we are an integral part of the living Earth system… and totally dependent upon it.


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