Weapons or Tea? What is Success in Afghanistan?

How and why is America threatened by conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Is it an issue of military security? How are we threatened by the Taliban?

Is it an issue of humanitarian concern, for human rights for the masses of people living in poverty and ignorance?
Is it an issue of the destructive impact of the vast quantities of opium grown and marketed to Americans? (A primary source of financial support for the Taliban).

In a world under the cloud of annihilation because of the compounding of human abuses of nature and her resources, is this a place to put our energies and resources?

Are military forces the best way to deal with this?
No wonder President Obama pondered long on this one.
It is not an easy decision.
We know military engagement is costly at many levels…

And we have learned from Greg Mortenson and his book 3 Cups of Tea of the power and effectiveness of taking the time to build relationships and understanding with powerful tribal leaders… and building local schools that educate girls.

Is there some way to factor all of the knows issues together and come up with a positive solution that serves Afghanistan in the short range and global wellbeing and survival long range?

I am personally not convinced that military offensives are the best way.
How do we cajole the Militant/Religious groups and their leaders whose power is based in the Islamic world of the 7th century, to abandon their 7th century mentality and join the rest of us in the 21st century?

Isn’t it curious that the prime thing that the radical Islamist movement (Sunnis in Afghanistan) has easily accepted from the 21st century is weapons?

How can we help them to join us in understanding and taking action toward a much larger and more serious issue? How can we live in harmony with each other and alter our behavior so that or species can survive from the damage we’ve done to our incredible home, planet EARTH?

Tea may be the best beginning.

Reference: Wikipedia: Taliban


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