And if we decided that this was the beginning of 202010?

In my previous blog, I considered acknowledging the earliest moments of our unique species dated at 200,000 years ago and the coincidence of the our contemporary process of reckoning time by dating our cycles around our sun, beginning with the reported birth of a human being about 2010 years ago.

Again, consider the perspective of a living Earth, and her history: an earlier group of creatures we have named dinosaurs lived for over 160 million years. In spite of their longevity, they apparently did not evolve much intelligence or consciousness.

Over her billions of years, Earth has evolved from an inanimate hot rock to an extraordinary network of living species and systems of a complexity unlike anything our most powerful telescopic observations can find in a mind bogglingly vast universe.

So, here we are. We have called ourselves homo sapiens, wise and conscious beings. It would appear that our brain/mind and motility are an expression of an ever more sophisticated living system. We are in the process of getting to know ourselves and our mother Earth better, and of understanding our dependence on the source of every tangible thing within our life experience. We may be the first species to be conscious and moved by Earth’s ineffable beauty and wonder. And, of course, we are the first species to exploit, poison and lay waste to great regions of Earth.

Theologians have said that GOD created man in his own image. Scholars have said that man created god in his own image. Again consider: as the human species has evolved over the last 200,000 years, we have become progressively closer to those attributes we have ascribed to god.

We are today at a crossroads. The human psyche appears to encompass the extremes of both a vicious reptilian brain and an angelic capability for love and grace. And, it would seem, we are the first species to be aware of its own attributes and have the ability to make a conscious decision, to make a choice, unfettered by a rigid in-built program.

Understanding that it is the business of a life form to preserve itself, who must we be? Who must we become to maintain and flourish?

My friend, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, an Evolution Biologist, observes that we are a species in our adolescence.

What can we do, what can you do to begin living in harmony and grace with our most generous mother Earth, each other, and all of the other creatures and plants that are integral parts of our life?

What will it take to emulate our vision, to mature to a stature of demigod? The dinosaurs couldn’t do it in 160 million years. We have come quite a way in our 200,000 years. Among other things, we have learned that progress and success are the result of cooperation, not hostile competition.

Can we evolve to a species that can thrive for many thousands of years — or will we self destruct?

My vision is that we become those wise and benevolent creatures that we have fanticized from other galaxies and return our home planet to an Eden before we adventure where no man has gone before.


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