Bucky Fuller called us Earthians,

I use the term Gaian.

Did you ever see the Disney feature length film Fantasia? One sequence, using the music of Paul Dukas, was The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Mickey Mouse was the apprentice. In the sorcerer’s absence, he explored the master’s powers and created a great disaster, totally beyond his ability to control… I observed technologically sophisticated humans to be very much in that place… adopting and applying enormous forces without the wisdom to understand the implications of their use or how to control them for long term benefit, without doing damage to themselves or the planet’s life support system…

Our only hope at this point is to become personally responsible, collaborate and conspire with others toward enlightened use of the forces we control and evolve to a higher level of consciousness, with a view to long term well being for humanity and our little home planet… Earth or Gaia.

Toward enlightenment and responsible action..

The GreenMan

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