Thank You Time Magazine for your Cover story on Three Women who will shape up Wall Street

It is great news that three COMPETENT and PRINCIPLED women have roles of authority in the government and on Wall Street.
Clearly one of the prime reasons our country and world are out of balance with nature and each other
is the unbridled global expression of rampant Testosterone through male dominance in positions of power globally.

The sad state of our world’s disharmony with Nature and ravishment of Earth’s resources harkens back to pre-Judaic days when women and goddess wisdom were disempowered, disenfranchised and destroyed.

For perhaps 2500 years through Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, women have been relegated to subservient, non-equality, to the detriment of global peace, harmony and justice.

One of the rare positives of our era is the rise of women to positions of responsibility and the potential of balancing the powerful thrust of male exploration and impatient discovery tempered by the urgency of also being in harmony with Earth, her systems and all living things…including all other humans, allowing hope for survival of the human species.

Power and clarity of vision to you Ms’ Warren, Schapiro and Bair.

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