An Economy with Integrity

In an interview recently, on NPR, I heard fragments of interviews of Wall Street Brokers at a bar they frequent.
They were distressed that the current administration was considering raising their taxes. They were adamantly opposed to President Obama. The bailout they got from him (and his team of ex-Wall Street Players)? It was deserved. They are smarter than everyone else and deserve everything they can get.

Reflecting on that, it dawned on me that this is the 21st Century incarnation of pirates and robber barons.
The Somali pirates that appear occasionally in the news are petty in comparison. They only get away with several millions of dollars in ransom. And that is covered by insurance.

Simply, greed, especially institutionalized greed, is not sustainable. It sucks the life out of the system. Reflecting on nature or the living earth, we find that healthy systems are always balanced and reciprocal.

To establish credibility and integrity to the economy, the pirates and robbers must be prosecuted.

When they are imprisoned, however, we should release simple drug offenders so that they are not corrupted by the brokers.


One Response

  1. Yes, let out the simple drug offenders….make room for the the ‘real crooks’ that are sucking our resources & corrutping our an d manipulating society to thinking they need what the crooks are offering…no going BACK!

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