Self Defeating Democratic Strategy…

Here we go again.
Democrats seem to have problems between the legs and between the ears.
Between the legs they suffer from a congenital state of castration. And the place between the ears is stuck in Duh!?!

The Republican Party is working hard to smother the country with the darkest and most fearful visions of the Tea Party’s uncomprehending ignorance.

Darkness is not dispelled by rational thought, dialogue or compromise.
Darkness is dispelled by light.
Remember the notion of “1000 Points of Light”?

A doable strategy is to bombard Congress, Big Bad Business, Wall Street Vampires and naive, fearful Tea Baggers with a barrage, a thousand brilliant progressive and innovative ideas and bills to launch the US into a GREEN, HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

What if we DAZZLED and overloaded the people who want our world to be as blind and pained as they are?

With our world class luminary thinkers, we should be able to engineer a way for members of our society to prosper and live in comfort without toiling for a paycheck, which simply is not available, and is likely to be less so.
Best selling author Jeremy Rifkin, in his classic book: The End of Work, suggested, among other things, that money be given to NonProfit organizations (that provide a multitude of services governments can’t or won’t) to employ people to supply those services.

To go a little further along the path illumined by Rifkin, with our new insights into human potential, we can “build a new social tapestry”. He calls it “The Empathic Civilization — woven from a wide range of fields including literature and the arts, theology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology and communication theory.”

Simply, we have the opportunity to either sit benumbed by our pervasive addictions, including TV, movies, and other drugs, and discover that in our darkness and numbness, our hard fought freedoms and privileges have been stripped (like the American Middle Class Dream) — or we can wake up and turn on all of our bright minds to engage in envisioning and inventing the most exciting civilization we can imagine for humans on Earth and beyond.


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