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  1. Hi Marv, Please pass this along. The attachment forms the core of my China presentation. Thanks, Jim Ecological Life-Systems Institute A Division of the Heartland Coalition

    San Diego/Tijuana Region’s own Jim Bell has agreed To present his work at China’s 2013 Low Carbon Earth Summit in Xi’an, China, September 26-28 Press Release Contact: Jim Bell – 619-758-9020

    An expert on developing cost-effective and life-support-system-effective (low and carbon free) economies, Jim will show international summit attendees how efficient energy use and renewable energy development are foundational to the long term success of regional and national economies worldwide. He will also show how renewably produced, carbon free electricity can be used to make regions and countries renewable energy, water and food self-sufficient, in life-support sustaining ways. Additionally, he will show how True-Cost and Cradle to Cradle pricing can be used to create real, mutually beneficial, Free-Market economies.

    When all the health and life-support system costs caused by the products and services offered in the marketplace are included in their retail price, the free-market system will quickly eliminate the pollution and human and life-support damage caused by them. Bell will also share his strategy for slowly reducing world population and developing a Space Debris Defense System to protect our planet from space objects large enough to cause catastrophic life-support damage if they collide with us.

    The 3rd Low Carbon Earth Summit, http://www.lcesummit.com (LCES) will bring over 1,500 attendees from over 50 countries to Xi’an, China during September 26-28th. The conference features ten tracks consisting of 460+topics, in the areas of emission trade, financial investment companies, regulatory authorities, innovative technology developers and scientists presenting emerging possibilities in Low Carbon Industries and Technologies.

    Jim Bell is the author of two books: Achieving Eco-nomic Security on Spaceship Earth, and Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future On Our Planet. He has also written and co-authored numerous papers and essays on how to create a life-support sustaining future on earth. His on the ground projects include the design and construction of the San Diego Center for Appropriate Technology, Co-director and Construction Manager of Ecoparque, a prototype wastewater recycling plant in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and the Ecological Designer of the Ocean Beach Organic Food Cooperative.

    Jim’s presentation in China is based on his “Consciousness & Knowledge” paper. This paper is free to send out to others and print out at http://www.jimbell.com, click on the “Consciousness & Knowledge” button on his home page.

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