Irony in a Teapot

First: A given.
Tea Baggers, Tea Party-ers, and millions of other American citizens have just reason to be frustrated, anxious and angry.

Their just anger is mis-directed.

JOBS: In part, jobs have been eliminated by more and more sophisticated robots… installed to deliver products faster and cheaper;
jobs have been eliminated by demanding remaining employees to work harder and faster; and jobs have gone overseas because foreign labor will work cheaper. Finally many jobs have been eliminated because there is no longer a market for some products. The net results are that top tier owners, managers and stock holders are capturing ever greater profits, and simultaneously, holding employee pay in check, even while the cost of living spiral upward.

This process is consistent with Republican Philosophy: they are heavily supported (and obligated to) many giant corporations and ultra-rich individuals, with minimal concern for common workers.

The current philosophy of Democrats is to be the party of the people; concerned with making health care available to all, to make education to higher levels available to all, to rein in the greedy excesses of brokers and bankers. President Obama and Democratic congress members have pushed, consistently for the well being the whole US citizenry. Republicans have consistently and blatantly fought to “stop the work of government in it’s tracks.”

HOUSING: Bankers, lenders, traders and the whole clutch of enterprises related to housing have squeezed the housing market into a massive snarl of often unethical practices. They have carved out enormous sums of money at the expense of small individuals who have been duped, conned, coerced and ultimately stripped of their homes, thoughtlessly and greedily ripping property and shelter from millions of workers.
The current administration is not responsible for this.

The”good old days” that nourished a comfortable middle class have been replaced by the lean, mean profit machine. With all of the ranting by Sarah, Newt, Christine, etc., etc., etc., they have not proposed ANYTHING that serves or demonstrates a concern for the common citizen, or any pathway to a thriving future.

If we wish to re-enter the global thrust for a sustainable future, we must grow new technologies and businesses. The Walkman and a whole era of products and lifestyle are gone.

I encourage all justly angry protesters to look beyond the glib and clever name calling and raucous rancor. As emotionally satisfying it may be, it is a dead end path. A working solution is to get clean and lean, reduce consumption, know that we are all one family, and deserve to live healthy, productive lives in harmony with Earth and all creatures. Find ways to support yourself and vote for the people who are working to help you return to a decent, life without the stress that debilitates and drives many, many citizens to booze and drugs.

We can generate happiness and wellbeing working together toward a higher level of consciousness and harmony with all people and Earth.


2 Responses

  1. The Republicans are working on the deficit NOT jobs. They will try to take from the Social Security Fund if no one CARES. Remember what the Republicans did to Part D Medicare and the ‘donut hole’ Look out, we are in for more shenanigans!!!

    Thanks for taking up the cause, Marv.

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