Simple solutions to CyberTheft of Valued Documentation and Institutional Bribery

Documents with critical and precious contents can include crippled or faulty information that would make time spent by cyberthieves lead to a (perhaps costly) deadened.  Critical data for the success can be delivered by some other more direct means.. Gosh, maybe even by mail. 

In communities where bribery is institutionalized, the bribe/payoff can be submitted in an envelope laced with Risen or an innocent powder…   just 50-50 odds.


American’s Right to Guns…


Contemporary interpretations, which are being honored by a significant number of politicians, despite murderous insanity, are worlds of technological innovation beyond what might be imagined by the Founders of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

HOWEVER, The SECOND AMENDMENT did not make any proviso to guarantee the availability of ammunition.

Holders of all kinds of weapons can have, hold, cherish and love all of their weapons.

Let us just eliminate ALL AMMUNITION.

To life and love on a small planet.

Marv Lyons


We must evolve or Perish like the Dinosaurs.


The life support system of Planet Earth has changed — and we have changed it — to a progressively more inhospitable place for human life. You have seen the devastating tornados and tsunamis, floods and crippling heat waves, depletions of ocean fish species, and the dead zones in the oceans.

We have a window of time to change, to evolve our perception and action during our near future of radical disruptive changes. (Unlike the dinosaurs, we have evolved far enough to see the change happening.)

(Mother) Earth has been extraordinarily generous with her support — stabile level of Oxygen for about 200 thousand years — with air and water systems that persistently regenerate from moderate extremes, and heal. But our unaware, unexamined excesses compounded by exponential population growth, has unbalanced the system than sustains our existence on this small spacestation, placing future of human life as we know it, in peril.

Denial, inertia, dogmatic beliefs, distractions, hopelessness, paralyzing powerlessness all contribute to our unresponsive inactivity.

We have, oblivious to the impact of hundreds of our little actions, interfered with the subtly balanced life support system that allows us to exist on this little unique speck of a planet in the vast universe.

And it will take billions of people to make hundreds of aware, conscious changes in our behavior to re-establish a balanced and sustainable environment that can again persist in hosting the unique human species.

The mission of GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is to provide the intelligence and resources, the inspiration and global connections to make the evolution of humans a possibility. We will either learn to live in harmony with each other and the living Earth, or perish.

Antidote to humanity…? Happier Mother’s Day?

Has anyone considered that the apparent increase in homosexuality (if i’t not just increased awareness) could be a function of (Mother) Nature working to counter human overpopulation?

How many more decades will it take for “pro life” organizations to take responsibility for their degradation of Earth’s Life Support System?

When will governments become aware of their responsibility and give tax benefits to couples that do not have children, and more so to couples who adopt infants they can provide a better quality of life that the birth parents?


Gun Rights? High Emotion and BOMBast…

Is anyone else aware of the connection between gun-rights-people need to expand the interpretation of the language of the Second Amendment to our Constitution, way, way beyond what the founders considered to the a citizen’s right to a to a force they could never have dreamed of… and the loudness, high emotion and BOMbast. Image

Citizen retained the right to bare arms for the public good…. not in opposition to it. Clearly many of the people loudest in their protest to responsibly limiting the kill power of weapons in public hands, do not have the emotional control to behave like responsible adults having access to such powerful weapons.  Political decision makers must take that into consideration.

Marv Lyons

Self Defeating Democratic Strategy…

Here we go again.
Democrats seem to have problems between the legs and between the ears.
Between the legs they suffer from a congenital state of castration. And the place between the ears is stuck in Duh!?!

The Republican Party is working hard to smother the country with the darkest and most fearful visions of the Tea Party’s uncomprehending ignorance.

Darkness is not dispelled by rational thought, dialogue or compromise.
Darkness is dispelled by light.
Remember the notion of “1000 Points of Light”?

A doable strategy is to bombard Congress, Big Bad Business, Wall Street Vampires and naive, fearful Tea Baggers with a barrage, a thousand brilliant progressive and innovative ideas and bills to launch the US into a GREEN, HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

What if we DAZZLED and overloaded the people who want our world to be as blind and pained as they are?

With our world class luminary thinkers, we should be able to engineer a way for members of our society to prosper and live in comfort without toiling for a paycheck, which simply is not available, and is likely to be less so.
Best selling author Jeremy Rifkin, in his classic book: The End of Work, suggested, among other things, that money be given to NonProfit organizations (that provide a multitude of services governments can’t or won’t) to employ people to supply those services.

To go a little further along the path illumined by Rifkin, with our new insights into human potential, we can “build a new social tapestry”. He calls it “The Empathic Civilization — woven from a wide range of fields including literature and the arts, theology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, political science, psychology and communication theory.”

Simply, we have the opportunity to either sit benumbed by our pervasive addictions, including TV, movies, and other drugs, and discover that in our darkness and numbness, our hard fought freedoms and privileges have been stripped (like the American Middle Class Dream) — or we can wake up and turn on all of our bright minds to engage in envisioning and inventing the most exciting civilization we can imagine for humans on Earth and beyond.

Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Re: $28 B Deficit

January 31, 2011

Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown,

Congratulations on your return to the Governorship of California.

Although California is confronted by a daunting deficit of 28 billion dollars, California is not poor.
We have enormous resources, both natural and an extraordinary wealth of wealthy people and companies.

These people and companies have grown in the fertile environment of California. Although the number of millionaire households has dropped to 5.28%, we still have 662,735 millionaires. And we have about 10% of the world’s billionaires.

If 600,000 millionaires tithed $50,000 each to the state, we would have a surplus of $2 billion
rather than a deficit. If 100 billionaires tithed $50 million each, the state would have an additional $5 Billion to improve infrastructure, education, security, transportation, health and nourishment, encourage new environmentally responsible businesses – with the brilliant people from around the globe to run them — and begin to prepare the state for a challenging and unknowable future.

The richness of land and brilliance of the minds of California residents has been an important factor in the wealth creation. With a sound economy, this can only get better, while also serving the interests of the top tier of the economy.

Perhaps we can reward the people who tithe the most for the wellbeing of California. Let’s acknowledge them higher than the one who has acquired the most Lamborghinis.

Let’s create a holiday to celebrate the generosity of those who: help restore the libraries, invigorate parks and public lands, reinstitute educational superiority, as well as police and fire departments and all the things that have made California great. Let’s give naming rights, where appropriate, to specific chosen schools, hospitals and parks that have been supported.

Nurturing the land and the people can only be an added value, creating healthier and smarter employees, larger audiences, reduce crime ant threat of fire. What millionaire wants to be mugged and held ransom by someone in need of basic resources for living?

If we are to re-invent the Golden State, it must be in harmony with nature. Natural resources cannot be exploited to exhaustion. New businesses can be encouraged to restore a safe and healthy natural environment: trees, forests, aquifers, estuaries, etc.

Let’s change from a Sale Tax to a Value Added Tax:
“Sales tax, as compared to VAT is the percentage of revenue imposed on the retail sale of goods. Unlike VAT, sales tax is levied on the total value of goods and services purchased. Most of the European and non-European countries have adopted the VAT system of taxation. The transparent and neutral nature of taxation has prompted VAT to emerge as one of the robust revenue raisers in these countries.”

Part of what has made our state Golden has been the joy and adventure of being at the frontier.
By reestablishing our economy and self confidence, the world, both human and natural will benefit as we go where no state has gone before.

Warm wishes for a massively successful term in office.

Many Thanks,  

Marv Lyons
Founder, Chief Creative Officer

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead