We must evolve or Perish like the Dinosaurs.


The life support system of Planet Earth has changed — and we have changed it — to a progressively more inhospitable place for human life. You have seen the devastating tornados and tsunamis, floods and crippling heat waves, depletions of ocean fish species, and the dead zones in the oceans.

We have a window of time to change, to evolve our perception and action during our near future of radical disruptive changes. (Unlike the dinosaurs, we have evolved far enough to see the change happening.)

(Mother) Earth has been extraordinarily generous with her support — stabile level of Oxygen for about 200 thousand years — with air and water systems that persistently regenerate from moderate extremes, and heal. But our unaware, unexamined excesses compounded by exponential population growth, has unbalanced the system than sustains our existence on this small spacestation, placing future of human life as we know it, in peril.

Denial, inertia, dogmatic beliefs, distractions, hopelessness, paralyzing powerlessness all contribute to our unresponsive inactivity.

We have, oblivious to the impact of hundreds of our little actions, interfered with the subtly balanced life support system that allows us to exist on this little unique speck of a planet in the vast universe.

And it will take billions of people to make hundreds of aware, conscious changes in our behavior to re-establish a balanced and sustainable environment that can again persist in hosting the unique human species.

The mission of GLOBAL NETWORK for a THRIVING and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is to provide the intelligence and resources, the inspiration and global connections to make the evolution of humans a possibility. We will either learn to live in harmony with each other and the living Earth, or perish.

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